How to Earn

Registered members of Quonzō can earn bitcoin by uploading images to the site. Each month, a portion of the net advertising revenue generated by the site is distributed to registered members of the site based on the popularity of their submissions. The more popular your content, and the more content you contribute, the more you will earn from Quonzō. That’s why our motto is create.share.earn.

In order to receive your bitcoin, we must have a bitcoin address on file for you. When you register for Quonzō, we will automatically create a bitcoin wallet with a unique bitcoin address for you at You will receive an email from Quonzō containing your bitcoin address, a link to your bitcoin account, and a temporary password for your account. Be sure to keep this email, as it contains important information about your account. Quonzō will only store your public bitcoin address so that we can send payments to your bitcoin wallet. Quonzō does not maintain your bitcoin account and will not store the password to your bitcoin account!

Once you have received the email with your bitcoin address, log into your bitcoin account at and change your password. Be sure to keep your new password in a safe place so that you will not lose it. If you lose your password, you may be unable to access your bitcoin account!

You can change the bitcoin address that is on file with Quonzō at any time. If you would like to change the bitcoin address that Quonzō uses for you (for example to use a bitcoin address of your personal wallet or another wallet provider), simply go to your Account Settings, select the “Payments” tab, enter a new bitcoin address that you would like for us to use, and press “Update Settings.”

In addition, if you would like for Quonzō to generate a new bitcoin wallet for you, go to your Account Settings, select the “Payments” tab, and press the “Generate Bitcoin Address” button.

Find out more information about bitcoin and bitcoin wallets.

How can I increase my earnings?

Because the percentage of revenue you earn each month is based on the popularity of content you submit, you can increase your earnings by encouraging others to view your content on Quonzō. One way to do this is by sharing your content over sites such as Twitter and Facebook using the links provided beneath your image. The more you share, the more popular your content will be!